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Team Smith Wisconsin 5 Star Reviews 

We can’t thank you enough for all that you did to make our dreams come true. You did a great job and knew what we were looking for. You found the perfect little getaway for our family and you made it seem effortless. Your unending care and attention did not go unnoticed. We appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to drop everything and drive hours just to look at a property for us. That goes above and beyond what realtors do. Thank you again for giving us sunshine on what has been a cloudy forecast for so long. Tim and Lisa Hudson

Tim and Lisa H from Waukesha, Wisconsin


We cannot say enough about how wonderful Mark and Sheila Smith were to work with. They helped us with the selling of our home and the purchase of land for the very first time. They were so very generous with their time, taking that extra step, receiving our phone calls or txts at all times and made us feel that we had nothing to worry about. They were extremely patient with our questions and requests and we cannot say enough about how thorough and educated they were with the selling and buying process. They had every step covered and we didn’t have to overthink or worry about anything! Again they were kind, thorough, caring and so much fun to work with. Simply the very BEST! I think if we had gone with someone else we would not have had the success we did. Thank you again Mark and Sheila!!

Beth C from Pewaukee, Wisconsin


Mark's persistence is unlike any other that I have ever seen. Our initial meeting was outside my house. Mark was canvassing the neighborhood looking to see if anyone was looking to move or sell their house. After our discussion I told my wife I just found our realtor. He somehow found my email address and started emailing me. It wasn't until a week later when I saw him again that I let him know I might be looking to sell my house in a month or so. Upon our next meeting he introduced us to Sheila his wife and business partner. They answered all of our concerns and we agreed to list our house that day. Their marketing strategies went way above the competitions. We loved everything they did and it all came together and worked with the first person who walked through our house. We sold it in less than 24 hours and above asking. We couldn't be happier and we highly recommend the Smith Selling Team. Don't waste your time and give them a call.

Tyson V from Pewaukee, Wisconsin


I met Mark Smith by chance as I was doing yard work and he stopped at my home while he was searching for a home for one of his buyers. We were in the market to move at some point with desire to build a new home on acreage. This chance meeting led to 3 real estate transactions with Mark and Sheila over the course of 5 months. We found and purchased acreage, Mark and Sheila did a wonderful job marketing and selling our primary home, and helped us purchase a “placeholder” home to give us the time to plan and build, while getting our commute times down significantly to our children’s schools. Mark and Sheila went above and beyond throughout every step of the process as they represented us twice as our Buyers agent (we walked away from a few homes with Mark’s guidance… start at the driveway and the basement - right Mark!) and once as our Seller’s agent, bringing a seemingly uncompetitive offer up to a fair level for both parties. Highly recommended! This business relationship has become a friendship. Mark and Sheila are hardworking, family orientated good people.

Derek D from Johnson Creek, Wisconsin


My daughter sold her house with Mark and Sheila’s help. My grandson -as well as my daughter - found his home with their help. So why would I look anywhere else? They did a fantastic job of finding me the condo of my dreams and selling my home of 39 years. They helped me understand all the ins and outs that I needed to know. Plus they made it fun! Thank you Mark and Sheila! And now Tanner! I will definitely refer people to you!!
Mic Pietrykowski  from Pewaukee, Wisconsin


Absolutely and honor and relief! working with Mark and Sheila. After working with 2 other realtors prior to Mark and his wife, I had pretty much given up hope on the hunt for my first house. Between the hot housing market and realtors getting back to me the next day or days later, viewing houses that already had offers put in on them by the time I had gotten home, finding hidden clauses and contingencies post house showings, I was truly at a loss and ultimately thought I was going to have to put my home search on hold and lose the dream of home ownership before the age of 24. After meeting Mark as he was door knocking my neighborhood (after a home sale he landed a fellow neighbor in our parents neighborhood) I decided there wasn't more I could lose with signing on with him as an agent and decided to give him and his wife a try. What more I thought I couldn't lose to the Smith couple , they more than gave me! and went above and beyond! anybody I'd been referred to or worked with realtor wise before. Instantly from the get go Mark and Sheila were on top of everything, from advanced and refined home searches to extremely detailed and thorough house showings that went an hour at a time. Whether it was five after 6 in the morning or five after 9 at night, a simple text or phone call was responded to me withing 5 mins and they were on top of the questions or tasks that arose regardless of the time of day. Team Smith was more than committed to making my first home purchase as a young adult as hassle less, smooth going, cautious to the hidden unknown and helping as they absolutely could be. As a first time home buyer and being 23 years old, I knew nothing about the home buying process and like any other loving parents, mine didn't give me much insight to what it took in fear of me moving out. Mark and Sheila truly took me under their wings and made sure my first home purchase was as educational and smooth going as they could absolutely make it. I want to thank team Smith from the bottom of my heart for everything they did for me. I will more than certainly use then again in the future and will make sure all my friends coming out of college use them for their first home purchase as well. Best of luck to Mark and Sheila and thankyou again for everything, Mitchell Wilk

Mitchell W from Greenfield, Wisconsin


We hired the hard-working team of Team Smith Wisconsin at Keller Williams Realty to sell our parents home. They complement one another and work amazingly well together. Their attention to our listing went beyond what I expected.
To showcase the house at its best they work with a professional photographer so that the listing pictures of the home appear beautiful and inviting to a potential buyer.
Because of their experience Team Smith suggested what was needed to improve the overall appearance of the home. Mark was responsible for helping us remove the existing carpet and uncovering the beautiful wood floors. We appreciate and are fortunate we had the energetic Team Smith working for us.
Amazingly the sale happened quickly as Team Smith are great negotiator‘s. They treated us like we were special clients. If you are looking for a real estate agent I highly recommend Team Smith Wisconsin.
Thank you both Sheila and Mark for a job well done!
Bess Straz - Greenfield, Wisconsin
Team Smith, Sheila & Mark Smith are amazing, outstanding realtors. They greatly exceeded all of my expectations while selling my parents’ home. Not only were they personable, professional and knowledgeable but they also had good communication skills, carefully listened, did a lot of extras and patiently explained the process as things moved along and went the extra mile through the entire process. They really helped to make an emotionally challenging process less stressful. You can place your trust in them!
Marie Sattell from Greenfield, Wisconsin

Mark is thorough when looking at a home, Sheila is knowledgeable with paperwork, Tanner is genuinely excited for buyers. The Smith team is enthusiastic with a calming demeanor, they truly listen to your needs /wants, sincere in their excitement throughout the entire process. Hands down THE team to work with when buying or selling....thank you Team Smith!!!

Amy Terryah from Appleton, Wisconsin

CLIENT SINCE 2023 - Appleton

Team Smith, Mark and Sheila, did an outstanding job selling our home! They went above and beyond to make sure that everything went smoothly from start to finish. They explained each step along the way to make us feel comfortable and understand what was happening. They helped prepare our house to make sure it was ready for viewing with personal touches and some sweat equity. I would highly recommend Team Smith for anyone looking to sell their home.
Dave Weiss from Dousman, Wisconsin
I love mark and Sheila! I had struck out with two realtors previously and then I met this amazing duo! The first day I met them, Mark said he would find me the one within a week! A week!!!! In this crazy market I thought he was crazy but what do you know end of the week rolls around and I’ve got an accepted offer and I just got done moving in today and I love the place even more! These two people helped me through everything and anything and they made my first time home purchase a walk in the park! The hardest part of this whole experience was moving all of my damn stuff!
Roman Albrecht from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As first-time home buyers in a competitive market, we weren't sure if we would ever find our home. Mark and Sheila helped us defy all odds! In May 2021, our home buying experience lasted all of two weeks from the pre-approval to the accepted offer on our dream home. We couldn't have done it without their advice and coaching along the way. They were always available for questions, showings, etc. Thank you for all your help!

Kristina Koslosky from Whitewater, Wisconsin

CLIENT SINCE 2022 - Whitewater

What an unbelievable experience it was to work with Team Smith Wisconsin of Keller Williams Realty. (Mark, Sheila & Tanner). We had a tall order for them to fill of selling two homes and then purchasing our forever home all within 4 months so we could have our wedding in our own backyard! They nailed it!!!! We feel they went above and beyond in so many ways, from their communication, their willingness to help you at a drop of a dime, answering all of questions and to make sure everything went smoothly from start to finish. We feel truly fortunate to have worked with Mark, Shelia & Tanner and will refer friends and family to them. They are the best!
Julie Billings

Had a fantastic experience with Tanner and the entire Team Smith team. They made the home buying process incredibly easy, provided a lot of knowledge and resources, and easily connected us with everything we needed to purchase our home. I highly recommend them for all home buying needs.

Aidan Norquist from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

CLIENT SINCE 2024 - Wauwatosa

I have bought and sold houses MANY times over the last 20 years and I have never met three realtors who were so amazing! All three of them went ABOVE and BEYOND to sell our house and find us our forever home. ❤️ I would recommend Team Smith to Everyone and anyone needing help in selling or buying their home, you will NEVER find anyone this good, trust me;)
David & Cyndi Valerio
I can’t begin to praise Team Smith enough for their expertise, attention to detail, tenacious effort, market knowledge, problem solving, event planning, and their availability throughout the process.
Seriously, I’ve bought and sold three homes in my life and none of those times have come close to the realtor experience they provided.
And full disclosure: Team Smith was referred to me by a neighbor, I’d never heard of em before, and I am not someone particularly fond of the homeownership paradigm in terms of the buying and selling process.
But mark my words; when it comes time to buy a new home again, I will only look to them to be my agents, and for all the ups and downs typical of the process, working with them is something I will be looking forward to.
Again, I can’t thank them enough or say enough good things about them.
Ben Peterson

If possible, we'd give Mark, Sheila, and Tanner 10 stars!  These folks went above and beyond to help make our wonderful new home a reality. We found the house that checked all the boxes so quickly that we hadn't gotten our pre-approval done yet! But the Smith Team was undaunted and immediately connected us with a mortgage lender. Within just a few hours, we saw the perfect home, got pre-approval, and had our offer accepted! On a Sunday! Then, they supported and guided us every step of the way with the quick sale of our old home. We highly recommend the Smith Team! More than ever, you need folks who know what they are doing, and do it very well. Thank you, Mark, Sheila, and Tanner!

John & Andrea Koenig

CLIENT SINCE 2024 - Sullivan

I am truly honored to provide the highest recommendation possible to Mark and Sheila Smith, KW Team Smith Wisconsin. Their service to me began months ago before I ever even chose their representation by showing undeniable patience, respect, and support as I prepared to be ready to list my home this spring. And so when the time finally arrived, there was no other possible choice but Team Smith! Mark and Sheila made sure that I knew that they cared about me and wanted to be there to professionally, and successfully, take on fully the monumental task I felt in selling my home of 20 years. Their energy and positivity was contagious and over and over again they went above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined would occur within a business partnership, including tremendous FRIENDSHIP to us. They work as an incredible TEAM with one another, and made me feel confident about every single step because THEY led the way completely. I KNOW that it was only thru the energy, commitment, service, unbelievable marketing, and expertise of Team Smith that my home sold in 4 days and at above asking price-THEY receive all the credit and thanks. I know that I will miss seeing them in our small community Wales as I relocate to another state, but I know that they will be "soaring in success" back here in WI for many years to come. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you Mark & Sheila! Sincerely, Becki Behrens Wales, WI

Becki B from Wales, Wisconsin


Team Smith was awesome to work with in selling our home. They went above and beyond our expectations with helping get the home ready for showings, getting the most amazing photographer for the photos and drone video and staging an open house that even had the neighbors impressed. They communicated throughout the process and helped us get the best offers possible. We would highly recommend them for all your real estate needs. They know the market well and priced the home just right to ensure we got multiple offers. They have now become not only our realtors but our friends!
Bruce Bautch from Dousman, Wisconsin
We had a great experience buying our first home with Team Smith. They answered all of our questions and helped a ton. We have recommended Team Smith to friends and will be working with them again in the future. Great people that had our best interests in mind!
Jared Jones from Caledonia
My husband and I met Mark and Sheila when buying our first home, our situation was a special one because both us as the buyer and the seller worked with Mark and Sheila in the buying/selling process. Keller Williams Realty was all around amazing! They made it easy. They recommended mortgage company, talked us through the stages of home buying/ owning, and where there every step of the way when it came to home inspection, paperwork, lists of home repair companies in our local area, and just being an ear to listen what we wanted to get out of our first home buying experience. Thank you Mark and Sheila!
Shannon Schickowski from Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Team Smith was fantastic! They were honest, up front, informative, and super supportive throughout the entire process of selling my home. Highly recommend!
Rachel Rusch from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My wife and I were looking to buy a new home and we were recommended to Team Smith by a close friend and boy are we glad we were! Team Smith was awesome, especially Tanner who we dealt with for most of our journey. We always felt he had our best interest in mind and was very genuine and helpful all along the way. Not to mention he helped us get a home within a week of beginning our search which is unheard of in this current market! If you’re in need of a realtor and are unsure of who to trust I can promise that Team Smith will take care of you and have your best interest in mind!

Matthew Dineen from Sussex, Wisconsin

CLIENT SINCE 2023 - Sussex


Fantastic team of realtors.  They were there for us anytime we needed them and helped with every step of the process making it seamless.

Walter Jacobsen from Campbellsport, Wisconsin

CLIENT SINCE 2024 - Campbellsport


Tanner and his team were fantastic! Very patient and helpful in every way!

Courtney Jones - Burnett, Wisconsin

CLIENT SINCE 2024 - Burnett


Best real estate experience that we have ever had.  The Smith team is incredible!

Ken & Nora Rader - Wales, Wisconsin

CLIENT SINCE 2023 - Wales


Sheila and Mark are great! Professional, prompt & personable!

Chad Thistle from Oak Creek, Wisconsin

CLIENT SINCE 2023 - Oak Creek


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